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On their seven-track sojourn titled FORTY-FOUR STONE TIGERS, the Bay Area quartet Overview exude rock's driving spirit via stylistically tweaking a clever array of experimental sounds, deep grooves, and genre-swapping to fit their unique idea of what music should sound like. Free love meets Seattle flannel on "Some Dreaming Realist" while the Dredg-like haunting guitars smother the ominous rhythm found on "Maybe Dead at 27". There's an obvious smattering of the cosmic rock steady beats of The Police and an uncanny Alice in Chains influence bubbling underneath throughout, yet Overview manage to consistently throw curves and compose outside of the arena rock box long enough to administer a My Morning Jacket-esque jam on "Melancholy in the City" or a throbbing Incubus meets Circa Survive-esque bass-led tune like "Scorpian Woman". Even though Overview's brand of multi-textured music requires an undaunted attentiveness and some open-minded musical comprehension for full appreciation, it radiates all of the cool points to easily appear on an iPOD commercial, proving that you can be substantial and still be lauded by the hum-drum fashionista herd.
- Mike SOS