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A joint effort between Hot Topic and Sub City Records yields CHANGE!, a DVD/CD collection of the top bands from today's up and coming hardcore/punk/metal/rock contingent. This 21-track CD and 17-track DVD reads like a who's who of Warped Tour alumni, as everyone from As I Lay Dying to Poison the Well to Chiodos to Aiden lends a song to the good cause, which in fact puts 5% of all profits into the Hot Topic Foundation, an organization which helps support programs that encourage and educate youth in the arts across the U.S.. So, for a ridiculously low price ($9.99!), not only do you get some of today's hottest artists singles and videos on one disc, but you are helping out a good cause in the process. Sounds like a no-brainer, no? Well, next trip to the mall, do your good deed of the week and pick this disc up and feel good about rocking out.
- Mike SOS