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Keeping their brand of soulful and quirky party music alive, the NYC vets P.I.C. return with the 11-track offering EL NOVA HUSTLE. Continuing to resonate the sounds of Motown and '60s R&B and soul complete with a badass brass section, tracks like the smooth "Carmel Love" and "Old Sole" kick out the jams righteous a la Tribe Called Quest meeting Herb Alpert, while the '70s funk groove spurred by "Keep Up" adds West Coast rap grooves to the laundry list of influences this septet employs. Keeping the mood mischievous on cuts like the mambo-inducing "Chimp Attack" and the innocuous "Lactose", P.I.C. retain their good-time band status by delivering yet another dose of devilishly danceable music whose eccentric musical mash-up and fearless flare for the unorthodox never interferes with the fun bouncing out your speakers.
- Mike SOS