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After reading this band's bio, you'd swear that them goddamn PR scoundrels made it all this up. Rock star excess (one earned through climbing the ranks, one inherited by birth) lead two men through the lifestyle's ups and downs, as everything from massive tours, mountainous drug addictions and rehab struggles to a chance meeting at a club with an ironic twist, and finally salvation through a bluesy hard rock swagger happens to them within a short period of time. Seems like a bad movie script, right? Alas, it is in fact the accurate story behind Year Long Disaster, a three-piece outfit whose special powers stem from the badass 70's hard rock rock histrionics displayed on their eponymous debut affair. Cranking out a barrage of soul shaking riffs, boogie rhythms, and stoner rock grooves, this band, featuring ex-Karma to Burn bassist Richard Mullins, Third Eye Blind drummer Brad Hargreaves, and Daniel Davies, son of The Kinks' Dave Davies, have laid down an explanation for their larger than life story via this mammoth disc. The beaming confidence shining through on "It Ain't Luck" and "Leda Automatica", the epic composition of "Swan on Black Lake", and the in your face galloping delivery of "Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu" all sum up a band who live up to their pedigree by leaps and bounds, as Year Long Disaster convincingly turn back the clock while presenting a solid slab of old fashioned yet hard nosed and hard living hard rock.
- Mike SOS