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Freya is a new band comprised from three-fifths of Earth Crisis, and while there are remnants of the crushing output the seminal hardcore outfit unleashed on AS THE LAST LIGHT DRAINS, the listener is in for a whole new and unique animal. The 13-track collection still manages to rip through your skull with blood curdling screams, rampant guitar riffs, and bone crushing rhythms, but Freya takes the Earth Crisis sound a step ahead from its chaotic hardcore roots. Freya implements a second vocalist, a device which allows the band to travel in the vein of melodic metal a la Sevendust and Anthrax without sacrificing heaviness. Instead, it adds a great deal of depth to the band's driving rhythms, and drastically alters the dynamics of the band for the better. It's almost as if there are two bands in one in Freya, yet the mixture isn't clunky or careless. Rather, Freya hits just as hard as Earth Crisis, but now are more versatile and above all, dangerous, armed with the ability to explode at any given moment. Like Snapcase and Deftones, Freya has strived to progress and has succeeded, building additions to an already potent sound and ultimately making a well-balanced album full of aggression and emotion.
- Mike SOS