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Many bands from the NYC area have come and gone through the years, yet despite countless lineup changes, the Brooklyn bastards known as Inhuman continue to trudge on. Back after a four-year hiatus, LAST RITES marks the quartet's return to the trenches, as this versatile 11-track assortment finds Inhuman continuing their endless quest to lay down their unique blend of honest and forthright heavy music. Melding melodic punk, seething metal, and true NYHC attitude, tracks like "The Dream Is Not Dead", "Ghost", and "Fash-ist" are sure to rile up the wifebeater contingent while other tracks like the ominous closer "The Lost", the Danzig-esque "Heretic", the crustily anthemic "Bitter and Jaded" and the West Coast punk influenced "What You Wanted" demonstrate that fearless experimental edge which always set aside Inhuman from the rest of the tattooed and shaved head bunch. Armed with an all-star lineup (featuring members of Seventh Void and Agnostic Front) and sounding as vengeful as ever, the triumphant LAST RITES makes the bold proclamation through their trademarked hardcore hybrid moments that this invigorated outfit indicates no signs of slowing down.
- Mike SOS