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Orlando, FL's Khann unleash their chaotic wrath in the form of the 19-track TOFUTOPIA, a disc where intervals of schizophrenia make way for everything from jagged grindcore to shoegazing metal. Constantly shaking their system up through wicked time signature changes and stylistic jumps, it's hard to put the reigns on Khann (even for themselves) as the first seven songs here blindingly pass through without rendering any strong memories. Yet once a post-hardcore slowdown comes to fruition ("Bird"), the band hits a cohesive stride where things become a bit more memorable and structure comes back into the fray. Using noise to make more noise seems to be a hobby of this quintet as well, denoted on tracks like the guitar feedback outro gracing "Quarantined", as other influences ranging from crusty punk to seething metalcore pop up throughout the duration of the release. If you like a wide array of underground metal and are prepared to withstand a bevy of changes, chances are the fierce metallic rollercoaster which comprises Khann's latest collection will appeal to you.
- Mike SOS