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NYC quartet Fixer look and sound straight off the Sunset Strip, as this outfit's hook-laden hard rock 10-track smorgasbord BEFORE THE SUN denotes. Registering huge on the rock Richter scale in every way possible from thunderous drums and bass to heroic guitarwork to impassioned vocals, this unit's brand of hard rock spans across the decades for influences from everyone from Def Leppard, Guns 'n Roses and Bang Tango ("Tuxedo") to Papa Roach and Buckcherry ("Head in My Hands") Even though the task of melding the methods of Taking Back Sunday and LA Guns may sound like an overzealous endeavor, these cats nail juxtaposing the unique dynamics and dramatics of each period on cuts like the haunting "Hillbilly Heroin", the hair metal meets modern rock twisted "Mixing With My Blood", and the Bic lighter Bon Jovi-esque ballad "Down Without It". Brimming over the top with the right mixture of solid chops and poppy melodics while projecting the rock 'n roll attitude left behind when CB's closed its doors, Fixer pulls off the retro style without coming off as forced or contrite. Evoking a radio friendly and arena worthy rock sound which exudes the unmistakable presence and leather-clad delivery of bands they make VH-1 BEHIND THE MUSIC documentaries about, BEFORE THE SUN declares Fixer's arrival to that mythical next level on the rock star ladder.
- Mike SOS