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The burgeoning thrash metal revivalist movement has made its way to NYC thanks to the surly quintet Vermefug, whose old school headbanging thoroughfare comes complete with blistering guitar solos and sneering vocals. On the outfit's four-song sampler, these cats do a solid job in recreating the vibes of 1983 metal all over again, right down to the breakneck rhythm audible on "Maze of Torment". While the disc sounds a tad underproduced, it exudes the charm of the era when DRI and Excel pounded it out in the clubs, bars, and halls across the country. Vermefug's eponymous offering lays down a spirited effort that lovingly revisits a time when these young un's were thrashing in their cribs while Exodus and Metallica were living out of a van paving the way for the initial wave of thrash metal to break through.
- Mike SOS