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Seminal Florida death metal outfit Obituary have officially snapped back into form according to their latest shredding affair, the 11-track XECUTIONER'S RETURN. Weaving the band's metallic elements together like never before, this groundbreaking quintet lays down a crushing amalgamation of classic death metal chock full of the dirge rhythms, tortured vocals, and blistering guitar solos their admired for. Benefiting from a dose of new blood (Ralph Santolla, who puts in a inspiring performance) and a rejuvenated attitude, this disc's dastardly dynamic shifts run the headbanger gamut from thick grooves to rapid-fire riffing with an intriguing combination of finesse and brutality. Obituary's trademark sound remains intact and the band's chops are totally up to snuff on XECUTIONER'S RETURN, making this disc one to check out for the old school fan.
- Mike SOS