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Champions of experimental metal Today is the Day once again draw their weapons and fire another eclectic example of what happens when ambient dissonance and musical devastation convene in the form of the 12-track AXIS OF EDEN. Led by evil genius Steve Austin, the melancholic malaise displayed here is contorted and amplified to maximum levels as usual, yielding an uneasy listening experience to those not in the know on cuts like "Black Steyr Rug". The sweet sounds of cacophony coupled with a pulverizing array of hateful riffs that reference on the death and black metal fronts take charge on tracks like "My Wish is Your Command", while a bad acid trip seems to be the influence on the sparsely hardcore "The Worst Thing that Ever Happened to Me" and the hazily drug-induced "Free at Last". Still heavy, undoubtedly riddled with issues, and consistently enigmatic, listening to Today is the Day's latest is an exercise which requires a good amount of patience, an open mind and a macabre spirit.
- Mike SOS