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Painstakingly detailing the apathy that maligns the NYC heavy rock scene in its press release, the compilation FUMES FROM A DEAD SCENE justifiably gives props to the unsung acts who truly encompass the spirit of the underground who persistently slug it out in the network of dank basements of NYC clubs. While their presence for the most part goes virtually unnoticed (have you heard of Whiskey Life or 12 Eyes before?), a good portion of the beauty this 17-track collection exudes comes through its introducing you to a slew of veteran killer bands which hail from the Metro NYC area that you've probably never would have heard of otherwise. Doing a sufficient job in bringing bands such as John Wilkes Booth and Maegashira to the forefront for a round of well-deserved accolades, this disc merely toots its own to be heard over the din of faceless music everywhere. Unafraid to follow their hearts rather than trends, each one of the seven bands picked for this comp display the balls and guts to present their rock wares unfettered, unfiltered, and uncensored, truly giving the listener an album laden with the gritty hearth, convincing commitment, and hard-nosed heaviness you can't get from Clear Channel, MTV, or the mall.
- Mike SOS