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Taipan is a self-indulgent side project that has sat on the shelf for over six years until now from none other than Today is the Day mainman Steve Austin. Needless to say it is a radical departure from the ferocious aural discombobulations we've come to expect from anything associated with Austin, as this 13-track affair bares little if any resemblance to any of his past works. Rather than producing scalding, challenging brainiac metal for the underground, 1002: A ROCK ODYSSEY rears its head up to the surface long enough to compose a '90s alt-rock potpourri that sounds like an old episode of MTV's 120 MINUTES, referencing everything from Hole and Dinosaur Jr. to QOTSA and Violent Femmes. Complete with sunshine melodies ("Baby Loves Daddy", "Epiphany"), slacker rock savvy ("Don't Chain My Soul"), and bawdy rockers ("My Big Dick in Your Mouth") that are able to put a smile on your face while you crank the volume way past acceptable decibels, this collection of avant garde alternative rock is laden with surprises and chock full of the unexpected. While this is way different than the usual sonic assault expounded by an Austin project, the free wheeling sense of whimsy carried throughout the entire disc assists the guilty pleasure of enjoying this unsung metal hero's quirky side project.
- Mike SOS