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Reforming this project after putting their most recent outfit Khold on hiatus, Norwegian troupe Tulus return with the group's first release in almost a decade. Adorned with odd instrumentation for a black metal album (female vocals, cellos, horns) and emblazoned with a raspy yet intelligible vocal roar, massive atmospheric keyboard parts, and a bleak overall delivery, BIOGRAPHY OBSCENE is an underground metal tour-de-force whose epic dynamics swing between folk, black, and ambient metal on tracks like "Stories Untold" and "Chamber's Disgust". Juxtaposing symphonic elements with a harsh style wielded via their blackened chaos, there's a discernible disparity present that takes a while to become accustomed to, but once it all melds together, this 10-track disc makes a compelling listening experience for fans of black metal's seminal early days.
- Mike SOS