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The one woman act Helen Money does not bear a shred of resemblance to rocker Eddie, as the solo project featuring ex-Verbow member Alison Chesley juxtaposes the edges of ambient rock and classical music into places reserved for acts like Apocalyptica, Explosions in the Sky, and Neurosis. Emblazoned with only a cello run through a 4X12 amplifier and some accompanying guitar, this 11-track affair reveals lush soundscapes and dreamy atmospheres such as the 8-plus minute "I'll See You in Hell" and the melancholic "Song for My Sister". Unquestionably falling into the experimental realm yet staying surprisingly melodic enough for the laymen listener to appreciate, the undisputed attitude that seeps through tracks like aptly titled tracks "Iggy" and "Hendrix" allowing Chesley's the discernible noise rock force to take heed over this disc.
- Mike SOS