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From the deep rumbling of the opening chord of "Scimitar", we can tell that Floor means business. And while the bowel shaking lows are a staple of Floor's 13-track endeavor, this trio does a fine job on the top end as well, meshing post hardcore melodics with stoner rock space antics to create a driving, neo grunge sonic output. And, Floor's strange song titles, such as the crushing "Kallisti" and the curiously titled, six stringed syrupy "Night Full of Kicks", are more than enough to wonder just what the hell kind of drugs they could be doing. With elements of Tool, Soundgarden and The Melvins in tow, it's very hard to deny Floor's innate ability to grab you by the ears and assault you, especially when the band explodes into a rock and roll fury, such as in the people moving "Twink". Yet, at the end of it all, Floor keeps it all gurgling from underneath, thanks to the punishing low guitar stomp that ultimately supercharges the group's eponymous release.
- Mike SOS