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Hot on the heels of acts that feed off of the beginnings of rock 'n roll like The Darkness and Wolfmother come the act who if the world was fair would trump them all, the U.K. troupe Gentlemens Pistols. Don't be so fast to write this quartet off as yet another retro act, even though this Lee Dorrian discovered clan's rhythmic '70 rock shuffle, impassioned vocals chock full of double entendres and pedal to the metal guitarwork sound as if it came from your uncle's record bin. Yeah, we know it's 2007, but isn't it righteous to know that musicians still jam out with a cavalcade of histrionic bliss like "Lady" and "Just a Fraction"? Channeling the wares of groups running the gamut from Zep to Sabbath to The Who to Cactus, this is some serious hard rock for those that yearn for the groove and nothing but the groove.
- Mike SOS