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Trippy and quirky, this unencumbered quartet allow their various musical backgrounds to collide and make weird shapes as the unit Heavy Creatures, a band that relies on feel way more than technical prowess. On this eight-track offering, vibes of flower powered stoned soul permeate through keyboard led jams like "Launch of the Gelding March" and "Nightsteam", almost sounding like the soundtrack to a sojourn through the Southwest US with a ton of hallucinogens on hand. That's not to say there's no trace of swirling guitars and rumbling rhythms to be found here ("Ride of Unknown Return"), but there's miles of space between each interval, akin to driving through the desert at night and encountering an oasis which doubles as a circus in the middle of nowhere. Encompassing space rock surprises and sparse Americana-esque passages, Heavy Creatures have made an album that shares psychedelically with Sonic Youth as it does '60s garage and '70s prog. Somewhere Jim Morrison and Syd Barrett are smilng.
- Mike SOS