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Featuring ex-Snot and Soulfly axeman Mikey Doling, Invitro's debut 14-track collection is an unabashed and chaotic rollercoaster ride steeped in all things aggressive whose Faith No More comparisons be damned. Yes, it is very apparent that this quintet cares a lot for Mike Patton and company, with the especially-aped vocals leading tracks like the exquisite SOAD punk rock joyride of "Balloon" and the frenetic opener "New Disease". Thankfully there's more to Invitro than being a tribute band, as the vast musical prowess dropped on this disc zooms past the cookie cutter sameness the rest of the pack wallows in at warped speed. Emblazoned with the bizarre type of musical mania which allows for their bastardized hybrid of punk, metal, and carnival music to coexist in perfect cacophony, Invitro keeps you on your toes with sharp tempo shifts, unorthodox stylistic clashings, and bursts of surprisingly harmonious parts that could pass for The Beach Boys remixed via Ministry on the title cut. With unbridled intensity and a furious determination to defy the rules of heavy music, this troupe maintains the vibes of madness throughout the course of WIWAP, creating a raucous din that demands attention ("Hollyvision") while sneaking memorably melodic yet left of center ditties through along the way ("Lucid May"). Even though it's pretty easy to find where Invitro draws inspiration from, the eclectic musical journey this squad sends you on transcends the obvious but above all, comes across as genuine as five unique musicians making the best music they can does.
- Mike SOS