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Swedish stoner hard rock act Mustasch display why they've received Swedish Grammy nominations and European accolades galore on their newest offering, the rock-solid LATEST VERSION OF THE TRUTH. This nine-track beast combines the wares of The Cult, COC, and both versions of classic Black Sabbath (Ozzy and Dio) with an emphasis on laying down dynamically-laced songs that grab you by the balls and kick you in the throat. Cuts like the hypnotic "Bring Me Everyone" and the soul-shaking "Double Nature" scream out with sonic importance, making you snap to attention and pay notice to the epic music blaring in the background, while tracks like "Scyphozoa" signifies the outfit's tender, more orchestral side complete with strings and acoustic guitar. "Forever Begins Today" even merges both with an undaunted flare for drama, sounding like Metallica jamming with the Boston Pops. With a firm understanding of '70s rock histrionics set to full throttle, Mustasch accomplishes the arduous task of adding an elegance to heavy metal without sacrificing the heft of the music.
- Mike SOS