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Bouncing back with an infusion of punk rock is the So Cal squad Hed PE, the rapcore clan who return with another eclectic dish of music on INSOMNIA. While their gangsta rap flava is still on full blare across this 14-track disc (definitely detracting most rock fans right off the bat), when the band's viscerally stabbing punk rock shines through on cuts like "Habeus", "Tienanman Squared", and the beginning of "RTO", it's hard to deny the band's due. Always adventurous, they make a beeline back to the metal side of the fence with "Suffa",the album's strongest track that seamlessly fuses dance hall reggae and rap-metal. Hed PE also takes on the pop-punk genre with "Don't Let Me Down", a number better-suited for New do Found Glory which cheekily passed through the security. And yes, while frontman Jahred still is a seething maniac whose questionable personal philosophies and firm political views are spewed forth here in the most vulgar way possible, his genuine and unique vocal approach to each track renders his words secondary to your attention. Hed PE has made strides some necessary strides to return back to form on INSOMNIA, letting all of their identities rear their heads at their most unreserved to expose all of the band's scars.
- Mike SOS