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The relatively new category to the metal genre deathcore unleashes a definitive sonically crushing sound. Knoxville, TN's Whitechapel is one of the bands who not only employ this devastatingly new style that merges grind, death, black, and hardcore, but spearhead the movement. On this sextet's 10-track debut, a blistering array of death metal guitars, battering rhythms whose tempos switch from blindingly fast to painstakingly slow, and throat-defying vocals assault the listener into submission on such head-spinning tracks like the soon to be moshpit favorite "Alone in the Morgue", "Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation" (complete with a tantalizing bass drop breakdown) and "Ear to Ear". Technical like Nile, brutal as The Red Chord, and as modern-day heavy as Job for a Cowboy, Whitechapel's three-guitar assault allows the group to build impenetrable wall of sound as their gruelingly guttural grooves and dynamic singing flex around these indestructible metallic foundations. Make no bones about it, THE SOMATIC DEFILEMENT is a monstrous album capable of causing massive damage, even to the doubters and disbelievers who still hold the old regime close to heart.
- Mike SOS