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MC Rad may sound a bit like Bad Brains, and with good reason, as the man behind the band MC Rad (also known in music circles Chuck Treece, studio musician), spent some time in the Bad Brains camp, first trying out for the vocal position when H.R. initially left and later doing a few tours of duty behind the drums for the group . F.D.R. is the title of his latest endeavor, a 16-track disc heavy on the instrumentals and brimming with old school hardcore melody and skate rock fury found on cuts like "Ejected", "Weakness", and "Words of Life". With chunky metal guitars, booming soul bass, and banging drums which fluctuate between punk rock and break beats leading the dip into the half-pipe on tracks like "Tell" and "Prevent That Tragedy", this Philadelphia native (who played, wrote, and recorded this whole release by himself) triumphantly thrusts himself back into the spotlight with just desserts just around the bend.
- Mike SOS