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Blasting out rapid-fire extreme metal since 1987, Malevolent Creation returns with DOOMSDAY X, a relentless 12-track affair. Despite the band's constant revolving door band member situation, four-fifths of the original lineup have returned on this endeavor, giving long time fans something to cheer about. And cheer they will, as squad wastes no time in going for the jugular in the classic style with dastardly dive bomb guitars and incessant double bass taking the reigns on tracks like the solid instrumental "Prelude to Doomsday", the mid-tempo grinder "Deliver My Enemy" (featuring a guest solo by Slipknot's Mick Thompson) and the simple yet vicious "Unleash Hell". Faithfully stick to the quintet's roots, Malevolent Creation resurrects the smash and grab vibes of the early days of death metal with a sturdy meat and potatoes mix of brutality.
- Mike SOS