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Madina Lake may share the look and sound like the dozens of post-hardcore hopefuls out there seeking stardom, but this Chicago quartet is head and shoulders above the rest in so many ways. For starters, the Leone twins, Matt and Nathan (who only slightly resemble Nelson) and their go-getter attitude found them on a special FEAR FACTOR television show to help pay for their demo. How's that for work ethic? From there, they've concocted an entire concept of their band set with a Twin Peaks-esque motif based around a sleepy mountain town, a disappearing young lady, and the fallout from it all, set to a intense guitar meets hook-happy chorus 13-track collection of tunes that would remind of The Used and My Chemical Romance. Songs like "Here I Stand" and "House of Cards" scream for MTV heavy rotation, "River People" demonstrates the act's ambient side a la Evanescence, while "Morning Sadness" radiates the melancholic sway capable of a massive cell-phone glow when played in a live setting. Madina Lake's unabashed creativity and melodic post hardcore sound make a bold run for the brass ring, as fans of Taking Back Sunday, Panic at the Disco, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus would be most likely to take notice and dig the world showcased on FROM THEM THROUGH US TO YOU.
- Mike SOS