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New Jersey genre-benders No Hollywood Ending shake it up quite a bit on their latest affair, the 14-track EVERYBODY'S TALKING. This quartet crams in as many influences as they can into their modern rock mix, as emo vocals ("ChaChaChastity") trade off with synth freakouts, heightened keyboard overlays, and hardcore breakdowns at the drop of a hat on cuts such as "Dissect Yourself". Well-versed in the art of juxtaposing styles, there's a discernible hard edge to this group that lands them just enough in the metal area found on cuts like "Do You Copy?" which allow them to wander off and explore progressive terrains usually reserved for acts like Horse the Band, Minus the Bear, and Fear Before the March of the Flames on tracks such as "Under a Magnifying Glass" or even get all weird and retro on the flavorful bounce of "Here We Go" or the Faith No More-esque acoustic gone screamo blaster "Obituary Cover Girl (part 2)". Despite EVERYBODY'S TALKING leaning a bit too much towards the androgynous asymmetrical haircut side of rock, this band's diversity and musical prowess shines brighter than their hair dye, making this boisterous disc bountiful with musical nuggets to dig on after multiple spins.
- Mike SOS