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Uncontrollably rowdy behavior, copious drug use, and an overtly wild rock 'n roll lifestyle may have gotten Nick Oliveri ousted from Queens of the Stone Age, but its the fuel which fires his latest offering from his former side but now main project Mondo Generator just the same. DEAD PLANET is the title to the tumultuous affair, recorded at friend Dave Grohl's home studio no less. This punkified stoner rock jam album snarls from start to finish with an unbridled anarchistic spirit, punk rock bombast, and rock 'n roll intensity at its most raw, most notably on the screeching "Like a Bomb". Clocking in with 17 tracks which sonically span Oliveri's storied past musical works, there's a song for every shade of Mondo Generator's schizophrenia featured here, revealing the band's eclectic vengeance with a durable songwriting prowess demonstrated like never before on this impassioned musical statement declaring Oliveri's presence .
- Mike SOS