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Evergreen Terrace hails from as they claim, "the armpit of Florida, Jacksonville". And while this quintet may have resided in one of the state's most nether regions, Evergreen Terrace display some incredible polish and panache on its 10 track release, showing that the much maligned hometown can't be all that bad. Falling into the metalcore genre, thanks to relentless drumming, frenetic fretwork and blood curdling screams, this outfit, like on the pulverizing "Understanding the Fear That Lies Within" and the slamfest that is "My Heart Beats in Breakdowns", can overpower most small armies with its musical ammunitions. What sets this band apart from every other tattooed hardcore troupe is its ability to throw in some acoustic parts that really make the song flow well, like in the somber toned "Funeral Grade Flowers", as well as the band's firm grip on the art of mastering dynamics, shown in the lushly orchestrated "Absence Of Purpose...". Add in a sense of humor in naming tracks, like the parenthetical title to the last track ("AKA: Shizzle My Nizzle") and you've got a beast of a band that understands not only how to wreck a crowd, but how to do it in a crisp and intelligent manor.
- Mike SOS