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Shunning the indie label treadmill and continuing their Fugazi-esque inspired mission, Lancaster, PA's Sadaharu's perpetual embrace of the DIY standard is celebrated with boisterous musical fanfare on the frenetic RESIST REVOLT RECLAIM. Boasting more than an industrious work ethic and savvy music business rulebreaking, the music featured on this juggernaut's latest 10-track affair displays dissent with a soulful shake that interchanges between danceable ("Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine", "Self vs. Society") and scream out at the top of your in anger rock ("The Devil is in the Details") at the hit of a snare. Radiating post-hardcore by way of hipster rock with a political backbone whose venomous tongue-lashings namecheck everyone from Black Flag to QOTSA to Refused to Rage Against the Machine, this outfit's brash juxtapositions of styles and uncontainable energy scream out the speakers with the revolutionary urgency modern rock lacks.
- Mike SOS