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Metal masters Entombed return with their ninth studio release, the 10-track SERPENT SAINTS. Despite the consistent shuffling of lineups and a broader range of styles implemented since the days of the band's pure death metal phase, this trailblazing Swedish squad returns with all guns blazing, varying the attack between their trademark death 'n roll ("Masters of Death", "Amok") and a bastardized hybrid of punk metal("Warfare Plague Famine Death"). Now working as a quartet, the stop-start rhythms employed on "The Dead, The Dying, and the Dying to be Dead", the atmospherically tender "The Ten Amendments", and the doomy groove of "In the Blood" demonstrate that this cagey act has a lot of gas left in the tank. Even though much has changed internally for Entombed, the crew's love of heavy music has never waned, as SERPENT SAINTS acts as a sturdy bridge between the band's old school style and exuberant sense of experimentation.
- Mike SOS