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NYHC troupe Token Entry were one of the genre's most beloved acts that played before the age of Myspace, Youtube, and Mapquest. While the band never got their just desserts, singer Timmy Chunks went on guitar tech for Green Day while band founder Ernie Parada formed seminal acts such as Grey Area and Black Train Jack. But here, -the focus is on this Queens, NY quartet's two overlooked skater punk gems, JAYBIRD and THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD, the latter produced by Dr. Know of Bad Brains. Armed with an unhinged sense of freedom, an unlikely amount of groove for a hardcore band, and the spirit that came with coming from the CBGB Sunday Matinee circuit, check this 22-track offering out to see where everyone from Bouncing Souls to Gorilla Biscuits got inspiration from.
- Mike SOS