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From the opening strains of "Opener", the majestic keyboards, heavy guitars, busy bass, and huge drum sound denotes prog metal at its most grandiose, yet throughout the course of the 11 tracks, Finland's Fall of the Leafe doesn't follow through on the progressive tip as much as they hint. With a discernible aggressive edge propelling cuts like "Look Into Me" and "Especially By Stealth", at times this veteran quintet reminds of 36 Crazyfists, while at others they radiate shimmering riffs and vocals the way Porcupine Tree does, and still at others you hear traces of Nevermore, Katatonia and Amorphis shine through the dark passages found on "Graceful Retreat". Keeping the listener enthralled often enough with a bevy of sounds and styles constantly colliding, AEROLITHE is tailor-made for open-minded metal fan's love of diversity.
- Mike SOS