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Nora's brand of intriguingly shape shifting and abrasive hardcore once again takes the reigns on this hardened New Jersey quintet's latest presentation SAVE YOURSELF. Led by Ferret honcho Carl Severson, whose screamy howl echoes hardcore supremacy, this 10-track destroyer annihilates all in its path with an abundance of unforeseen genre-defying time signature shifts on cuts like "Just Like Johnny" and "SCUM", furthering the metal and hardcore bond of blood for generations to come. And for all you hardline oldschoolers out there, there's just too damn many tastefully-influenced remnants of all the great underground bands of yore you loved passing through the seams of cuts like "Broken" and "Chances Aren't" to pass this disc up. Nora's hiatus, though an undoubtedly a long and grueling episode, has rendered a masterpiece which demonstrates the vitriol and virtue that comes when struggling towards redemption on SAVE YOURSELF.
- Mike SOS