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The glory days of crossover metal have been lovingly revisited thanks to everyone's favorite beer-drinking hellraisers Municipal Waste and their latest offering THE ART OF PARTYING. Remember bands like Scatterbrain, DRI, and SOD? Well don't fret if you were too young to catch the first wave of the hybrid because these cats bring it to you. This hard-partying Virginia-based quartet (bolstered by drummer extraordinaire Dave Wittie's massive percussive power) make no bones about their allegiance to illicit consumption of alcohol and drugs and thrashing the night away,as their lighthearted lyrical content yet iron fisted musical attack deliberately denotes. Leave all seriousness at the door and be prepared to bang your head to the might of tracks like "Sadistic Magician" and the ridiculously titled yet utterly crushing "Rigorous Vengeance". Who said metal can't be fun again? Just check the feelgood moshpit anthem "Born to Party" as proof that it doesn't always have to be about gloom and corpsepaint.
- Mike SOS