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Imagine this, if you will...two musicians, who live 3,000 miles away, decide to collaborate on a project. Problem is, they can't get together due to both musician's distance. The solution? The drummer decides to record his tracks without any inkling of what the guitars, bass and vocals are going to do. Then, he sends it across the country on tape for the guitarist to work on. And back to the drummer. And back to the guitarist. Crazy, right? You've got to be making this up, you scream. No way, Jose, it's the East/West Blast Test, featuring the insanely creative tandem of Dave Witte and Chris Dodge. Known for their work in Burnt By The Sun and Spazz respectively, this underground metal super force created this 27-track gem via UPS and their collective brain cells. Clever, eh? Well, take a listen to the madness, which mixes blast beat drums with guitars and basses and saxes and female vocals and weird time signatures and oodles and oodles of crazy musician shit that will have you scratching your head for weeks. Ambitious and ingenious, if you like left of center sounds from the underground which throws out everything, including the kitchen sink, then get your paws on this cross country death metal jam session right quick.
- Mike SOS