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Commercial hard rock outfit Fosterchild make no bones about their radio ready sound or the well-tread ground they valiantly cover on INDEPENDENCE DAY. Sounding like the byproduct of high-end hair metal (think Badlands, Motley, Love/Hate) mid-card grunge (Godsmack) and the dreaded Nickelback faux country rock (take your pick) tracks like "Crucified" and the title cut follow the formulas with flare, while "Don't Let Go" tackles the art of the power ballads convincingly. Sadly, songs like "Sugar Cookie" are lighthearted and fun, but are riddled with intolerable rock cliche that drag this disc down quicker that a hiccup. Nonetheless, this 11-track throwback has all the pieces in place to conquer 1991 with its slight refried feel, yet still it manages to raise the spirits of those about to rock in the 21st century and beyond, thanks mainly to the prime guitar work and pleasurably guilty vocal delivery that will either have you racing to crank or yank the disc.
- Mike SOS