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Another installment of unsettling and uncompromising grind comes courtesy of industry leaders Pig Destroyer, who tone the trademark creepiness they've been known for since PROWLER IN THE YARD down here, opting instead to raise intensity levels via the primal misanthropic guitar and drum poundings of PHANTOM LIMB. This 15-track shotgun blast is mercilessly abrasive from the opening bell, crammed with hyperspeed tempos, walls of thick metallic guitars that scream imminence, and of course, a bevy of tortured screams with equally twisted lyrical subject matter dealing with everything from a wayward ex-love interest that hangs herself in "Girl in the Slayer Jacket" to the psychotic elation stemming from a horrible disfigurement in "Deathtripper". While hardly as spooky as previous endeavors, tracks like the coarse grooving chug-a-thon of "Heathen Temple", the doomy dirge interlude found on "4th Degree Burns" and the grinding thrash metal ferocity exuded by "Cemetary Road" showcase Pig Destroyer's top-shelf grindcore chops while turning heads as this disturbed bunch of metal miscreants take their music to new face-ripping levels.
- Mike SOS