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Instrumental prog metal purveyors Irepress hail from Massachusetts and share similar nuances with many of the area's more eclectic groups such Kayo Dot and Isis. Projecting a jazz-like aura repeatedly interwoven with thunderous claps of metallic guitars and advanced musical theory experimentations, tracks like "Samus" and "June Ipper" trade off between glistening guitar lines and sonically fierce riffs, while the rhythm section and synths on tracks like "Nonografistole Adendum" provide a cinematic musical scope that vividly captures the band with its serene shoegazer tendencies and crushing creative metal front in full view. Soul-stirring and epic, Irepress has placed themselves alongside Pelican, Explosions in the Sky, The Fucking Champs as leaders of the instrumental avant garde with the release of this eight-track gem.
- Mike SOS