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Stevie Ray Vaughn in a spaceship accompanied by Sabbath, Cream, Hendrix, and Melvins rolled into a spoonful of cosmically heavy acidic guitar jams comprises the 33-minute, three track HEAVEN/HELL by infamous Austin, TX trio Tia Carrera. Dripping with a deep well of sustain that guitar geeks will gush over and armed with a bevy of wah-wah soloing madness and hallucinogenic rhythmic bliss, this band's far-out space rock odyssey summons a kaleidoscope of musical colors from the hard rock pallet, specifically the late '60's and early '70's scenes, making this album the top organically-grown retro stoner rock disc in years. This album's sting is felt long after the initial listen, and requires more than a casual once-over to truly get down with it fully, as the expert musicianship and free-form vibe captured is a splendid entity to be shared amongst burnouts for generations.
- Mike SOS