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An 11-track offering by an extreme metal from of all places Scotland comes in the form of Man Must Die, a quartet whose amalgamation of old school metal parts with modern underground sensibilties makes for a enjoyable, yet sometimes unmemorable listen. Steeped in the sounds of today's death metal pioneers like The Red Chord and Job for a Cowboy ("Silent Observer"), yet able to rip out a thrash riff or ominous intro a la Shadows Fall or Testament ("1000 Promises of Pain"), this volatile act flexes its versatility well enough. Unfortunately due to the floodgates being wide open and bands like this coming down the pipe at a alarming rate, Man Must Die's precise yet ferocious assault doesn't stand out as much as it could, despite the band thrusting on all cylinders all the time. Nonetheless, if you like it face-ripping from start to end, THE HUMAN CONDITION delivers.
- Mike SOS