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Pro-Pain cranks the ferocity to a fever pitch on AGE OF TYRANNY, the veteran outfit's 10th studio album. This NYC quartet is frothing at the mouth with a flurry of nasty riffs ("Iraqnam", "Leveler"), relentless razorblade vocals dripping with disdain ("All For King George", "Three Minute Hate"), and an abundance of punishing yet anthemic rhythms from yesteryear ("Pig In Clover", "Live Free") guaranteed to get the dance floor moving. With the focus of the assaut squarely on the current state of United States politics, the amalgamation of the band's beefed-up brutality and the impassioned lyrical subject matter really gives this album a emotionally-stirring edge whose potency blasts through your speakers with every shouted chorus ("Company Jerk") and thunderous backbeat. Pro-Pain always seems to deliver durable discs, but this time they've outdone themselves with an amped-up offering which demonstrates the closest representation of their trademark thrashy metallic hardcore done right since the band's debut. Pick this up and be dared to feel pissed off about the state of the world as Pro-Pain and their resounding new album.
- Mike SOS