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HORSE the band return with their fourth installment of what the band has lauded as Nintendo-core with A NATURAL DEATH. Brazen with 8-bit keyboards that sound straight out of a 1994 video game while bludgeoning the listener's ears with a suped-up screamo sound that goes above and beyond the usual i hate my girlfriend shtick. Capable of creating intense layers of somberness on "Rotting Horse" as well as a widepspread array of curious cacaphonies of chaos on cuts like the upbeat and ridiculous "Kangarooster Meadows", the tongue in cheek Western feel of "Crow Town", and the post hardcore spaciness of "New York City", HORSE the band is a outfit that has triumphantly carved out its own distinct niche while pushing heavy music's creative boundaries to the max for a listening experience akin to spending a day at the amusement park. Be prepared to be turned on your head thanks to this quintet's twisted tunes that manage to portray their whimsical and incredibly hard hitting sides equally.
- Mike SOS