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The latest disc from the North Carolina quintet Hopesfall finds the band sticking to the template they revealed on A-TYPES with a few necessary adjustments made to even this collection of 13-tracks out. Decisively heavier than last time around and discernibly spacier than ever, songs like "Bird Flu" and the entrancing title cut captures modern rock's malaise with the refined grace 30 Seconds to Mars yearns for, while "RX Contender the Pretender" demonstrates one of a few instances when the boys take the sledgehammer style of Deftones for a spin. Despite the obvious Glassjaw homage that pops up across the span of MAGNETIC NORTH (they did record in Long Island after all), songs such as "Vacation/Add/Vacation" and "Secondhand Surgery" take the listener to places that bands like Dredg, Thursday, and Thrice often frequent, melding soaring vocal melodies into expansive musical movements where slews of angry riffs and etheral parts collide in a faraway sky. Giving their ambient artistic side the proper cadence while keeping their post-hardcore stripes intact, Hopesfall stikes a proper balance on their latest endeavor to warrant repeated listens and enlightened reactions.
- Mike SOS