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Swedish treat Matadors implement an influx of surf, swing, and early sounds of rock 'n roll into their smarmy and loose hard rock concoction, giving the 16-track FLAME THE WHISPER an unusual aftertaste to those about to rock. Seemingly coming from different angles every time, this quartet's brand of sleazy garage rock reveals a slew of influences from AC/DC to Danko Jones to Eagles of Death Metal to Queens of the Stone Age and is probably best enjoyed under the care of someone who can separate the robotic meanderings and twangy guitars found all over this bad boy. Nonetheless, tracks like "So You Judge Me From the Volume of My Band" and "New Wave Coke" sound smarter than their own good and carry the type of hipster-approved sashay that may make them the most loved band on the dance floor or the most hated from 50 feet away.
- Mike SOS