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Pacific Northwestern post hardcore troupe Prize Country has an aggressive angularity about them that propels this quartet's 11-song disc across genre lines and classification breakdowns. Tracks like "Risk Taker" shows off impressive drum chops while emitting the best Snapcase meets Jesus Lizard homage the band can muster, while "Buy In" steamrolls through with a disjointed dissonance that is almost danceable yet fragile enough to fall apart at any moment. Armed with a steady stream of tenacious guitars that morph from dizzying to disemboweling, emblazoned with a treacherous bottom end that anchors the chaos on "Into the Depths" amongst others, and chock full of distinctly howling vocals that you may love or hate but definitely take notice of, songs like "Lottery" and "Matchsticks" burst with the type of hardcore might and noise rock savvy usually reserved for the likes of Unsane, Quicksand, and Refused. LOTTERY OF RECOGNITION is a disc that anyone looking for a little artsy punk diversion will undeniably love.
- Mike SOS