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Way too unorthodox to be lumped into the metalcore box, yet floating towards the genre thanks to an unbridled aggression and deceptively dangerous musicianship (especially the fluid percussive work), the latest endeavor put forth by The Chariot melds cacaphonic chaos with tech metal might and artsy ambiguity. THE FIANCEE is a 10-track disc whose first eight song's titles lock in to form a limerick of some sort (perhaps to reinforce this release as a concept album), and truly go off the straight and narrow path musically, juxtaposing gospel choirs, tortured screams, buzzing guitars, suspenseful pauses and stutters, brutal breakdowns, and anything else these God-fearing folk can get their paws on to confound, challenge, and leave an overall impression of eerie uncertainty. If you dig Norma Jean and Underoath, this disc is recommended.
- Mike SOS