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You know how that dude Richard Cheese makes a career of turning alt rock anthems into tunes that even your folks can enjoy in the confines of the lounge of their favorite casino? Apparently he has a Swedish counterpart by the name of Tony Naima who follows the same formula, only he decided to deflate old school death metal act Dismember’s back catalog on this nine-track affair. While many diehards will become enraged even at the thought of de-metalizing such cuts as “Dreaming in Red” and making them Bob Dylan-esque, let’s face it…death metal barely gets props for its songwriting. So, when a brutal cut like “I Saw Them Die” gets transposed into a more listener-friendly swinging rock track complete with sock hop horns and hand claps, the underscored songwriting brilliance, usually usurped by sheer savagery, finally gets its day in the sun. Shame it had to be this way, but if you turn the anger spigot low enough, you may even find yourself enjoying these carefree versions. Just don’t admit it, ok?
- Mike SOS