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In line with the today's grindcore, the Michigan quartet See You Next Tuesday not only garnish points for their clever band name and massive use of the whammy bar to an almost obscene level, but for pushing the boundaries of metallic chaos to levels that are off the chart. On the 14-track, 19-minute PARASITE, chances are if you blink, you'll miss the first six songs, and will only awaken to find yourself in the mid-tempo metalcore of "Paraphilia", the album's most intelligible song. Nonetheless, despite the songs bleeding into each other, the incessant yet unmemorable mayhem (save a few choice riffs strewn about) concocted by all the in the group, and a bastardized interpretation of grindcore spearheading the entire project, let it be known that this band was created as a joke group and since became this brutal entity that blurs the edges between Every Time I Die, Cephalic Carnage, and A Life Once Lost ever so succinctly.
- Mike SOS