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The British veteran metal act Saxon returns with their 18th album, the 10-track offering THE INNER SANCTUM. Armed with both hard hitting hard rock a la AC/DC ("I've Got to Rock") and adventurous epics ("Atila the Hun"), this disc encapsulates the band's stalwart career while adding a few footnotes, as this quintet's age doesn't get in the way of producing powderkeg metal anthems like "Let Me Feel Your Power". Walking the line between melodic power metal and hook-laden hard rock, Saxon's latest release displays a band unafraid to go tooth and nail to the grindstone of metal, using their classic metal experience to churn out fist pumping anthems like "Ashes to Ashes". It may be a bit on the old school scale for some, but for those that remember the glory days, Saxon still sounds pertinent.
- Mike SOS