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Sounding like a harsher blend of The Used, Funeral for a Friend, and Story of the Year on cuts like "Amity", the Los Angeles quintet Lovehatehero isn't afraid to whine their way to every teenage girl's heart on the 12-track WHITE LIES. And despite using every cliché in the emo/screamo playbook across the entire span of this versatile endeavor, the blistering twin guitar showings on tracks like the cheekily-titled "She Puts the Ho in Homewrecker" and the pulsating "Running With Scissors" give these guys the green light to usurp most Warped Tour acts hands down. If you can get past the rather commonplace vocals (which in their defense, do shine bright at times) and cyclical genre bendings, Lovehatehero offer a lot more than most acts garnishing accolades across the Hot Topic spectrum.
- Mike SOS